Looking for Interior design advice on how to best set up the facility for the elderly


Looking for a suitable building and (2nd hand) equipment and furniture


Looking for support in financial management and price calculation


15.000 USD/ ANG 26.250

Sinaï Zorg

E porta di speransa!

There is a lot of demand for more and better elderly care organizations, that also take into account the communication between the elderly and the family. With your support, I want to establish ‘Sinaï Zorg’ and acquire a minimum of 20 clients by the end of 2023.

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Monique Raphaela

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My name is Natasha Martijn, as a social worker and nurse, I have a passion for helping people and especially the elderly. I would like to bring a turnaround in the Elderely Care in Curaçao through my own elderly care organization that provides . The crowd support will help me realize this dream. I have potential customers already lined up: people need help! People will be able to live at the facility, but we will also offer daytime activities for people that live elsewhere.

My most urgent need is an affordable, proper building to establish Sinaï Zorg with all the proper equipment to help the elderly. If I can achieve this in an affordable manner, I can make my services more affordable for more people.

Crowdwisdom: Decorating advice

I am looking for experts that can help with Interior design advice on how to best set up the facility for the elderly.

I am also interested in setting up an online communication platform for the elderly.

Mentoring: Financial advice

I am looking for help with regard to financial management. Specifically about finding the right fee to charge that will make the business healthy, but that will also enable a broad range of people to make use of my services.

Crowdsourcing: Building

I am looking for a suitable, affordable building to rent, which could also be a house. This building needs to be safe, centrally located and reachable by public transport.

Crowdsourcing: Furniture and equipment

To set-up the Care Facility, one of the biggest initial costs is the If Used equipment like beds, and other furniture to setup the space is also very welcome.

Crowdfunding: ANG. 25.000

To help startup the business, this will go towards startup cost for the organization as well as furniture and equipment.


MEET WITH ME! Are you also passionate about the elderly? Meet with me and we can see how we can support each other in making elderly care better and more affordable for those who need it.



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